Saturday, September 22, 2012

I'm not skinny.

That's right, I'm not. I am not skinny, thin or my 'ideal weight' as defined by every chart I've ever seen. I, in fact, according to my height and weight am obese. 35.1 is my BMI and I'm just walking that thin line of diabetic death and destruction. HATE IT! I hate how there are sites where you can plug in numbers and just magically be told you're a fatty girl.

I stand 5'3 and as told by the froggy scale in my house I weigh 198 lbs today. I should probably get a scale without a face, that could help, but meh fuck you froggy scale. I struggle with this weight thing just, I suppose like many other women. I'm not skinny, I am muscular and strong and for the most part healthy, but I hate my body most days and that sucks.

I found myself hunting for a blog about fashion, one for me and I realized, there are none. There are plus sized blogs and they are great, but I'm not built like those women they don't look like me. I know I'm heavy, but my figure is different. The clothing they wear won't look the same on me. If you're not a size nothing or a size XXL where do you go to see clothing that you might want and an honest opinion on how things fit and feel? (This is a for real question if you know of some good blogs please tell us in the comments! I'm dying to know!)

I'm not a fashionista, not a girl who everyone dreams of looking like, I'm not skinny but I am someone who's tired of feeling like my body is some kind of demon waiting to be slayed, so I'm going to blog about it.

<3 Rita

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