Friday, March 22, 2013

First Friday of Spring. What I'm wearing.

SPRING IS HERE! Except that no one told Mother Nature and so she hasn't turned on the heater. This chill in the air (which we're all blaming on that silly Groundhog - Great job Phil you liar!) will not stop me from sporting a dress.
I was feeling the plaid today, so I went with this school girl-esque number I picked up in 2007 at JC Penny. Yes, I keep my clothes for a really long time and I wear them often. I added a fun 80's hat that I may have purchased at a thrift store some place. Hats just find me and I love them in return. Then of course I threw on a pair of knit knee highs and a pair of Franco Sarto Oxfords, because let's face it Oxfords + plaid = hot. Finished off the look with a long cat crystal necklace and voila. That's what I'm wearing.

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