Thursday, March 28, 2013

Know why I love thrift stores? Michael Kors is why.

I admit that I LOVE beautiful things. I do know that some labels actually do craft better items than others and this is why women become brand whores. I get it. What I don't get is how they pay for that habit of needing the finest things as soon as they come out. I've got expensive taste and a cheap wallet. That is why I thrift.

Many people claim that they never find anything good at thrift stores or that they hate digging through the racks. Well fine. Stay out and leave all the good stuff for me! Good stuff like what I found last night at AIDS Thrift.

There on the shoe rack calling out to me like a siren in a storm were these beautiful green heels. I was pretty stoked about the color, the pointed toe and that they were Jessica Simpson. I mean sure Jessica clearly didn't get the birth control thing right, but the girl does shoes the right way! At 7 1/2 I wasn't sure about the fit but there's not so much room that a heel pad won't make them snug. Then there was the heel itself, green to yellow ombre! FANTASTIC!  You can also see they were selling for quite the price at the consignment shop they were previously living. I paid $8.00 Now they are mine! MINE MINE MINE!

Then there were these lovely strappy black satin shoes. I wanted them, I tried them they were mine. White House Black Market for $5.00 YES! Had they beeen more than 5 I would have passed on them but oh my god I love them.

Then I found a pot of gold. Not just a pot of gold but an amazing leather Michael Kors pot of peep toe gold that makes me so friggin happy.
Aren't they perfect? The detail the suede heel the stitching. OMG LOVE THEM! They cost me exactly $7.00...unreal. It looks like they too lived at a consignment store the sticker on the bottom was hard to read it might read $145 or $185. WHAT?! I bought them for $7.00. Now they are a size 6 1/2 but they fit like a glove. Nothing a little breaking in can't fix.  Thank you universe for giving me small feet and the patience to shop at thrift stores. Thank you.


  1. Love Thrift Stores. You can find lots of great things!!

  2. All pairs are fabulous darling
    Way to go!

  3. Wow, I wish I could wear narrow shoes or heels. Those shoes are awesome!

    1. I'm not little in many places, but I never take my little feet for granted!

  4. Wow, you really had a lucky day at the thrift store yesterday! Can I borrow your Michael Kors? :)

  5. oh i love thrift stores too. it's where i can get nice and branded stuff in a very inexpensive prices

  6. Oh I love Michael Kors too!! Especially if I can find some of his stuff at the thrift store!! You can find such treasures there sometimes!! :)


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