Tuesday, March 26, 2013

MEOW! Meet my new favorite shoes.

Mine mine mine mine mine MINE! I saw this trend of cat slipper starting last year. I looked on with sadness as I realized they were crazy expensive and that I was too lazy/busy to make a pair myself.
Well, that changed a few weeks ago when I found them on Amazon for around $16.

They had to be mine. Today I got them in the mail, and they are beautiful.

I'm so in love. I might even buy more colors. It's like that. They seem pretty comfy, though no doubt will have to have the heel broke in a bit. I'll be wearing band-aids on the back of my ankle for the first few wears.

Also while my feet run on the large side of a 6, the size 7 is the perfect fit. Keep that in mind, and size up?

Below is a link where you can get your own!
Meow Kitty Cat Animal Stitching Slip On Flat Ballerina Slipper Women

More pictures!

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  1. I know someone these would be perfect for!!

  2. Cute but still prefer mk from thrift spree!

  3. I love the little ears that stick up! These are super cute!

  4. I will get two pairs of this shoes for my sister-in-law, it will surely make them so happy!


  5. super cute! i work at a bank and they would be a great way to add some fun to a suit.

  6. That is super cool! Is that a flats?

  7. they look adorable and fun to look at...at least you've got a style

  8. Aww so cute!!! I love them. I love cats. :)


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