Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Taking advantage of Mint

Yep, I love it. Mint, this coat and all of the pastels in the world. In January when my sister was visiting we strolled the mall and in the window of New York & Company I saw this trench. It was perfect. In general I love the color of a Tiffany box and honestly when I saw this coat that is exactly what I thought of. Me as a walking talking Tiffany box. I didn't rush in and pick it up, probably because I was carrying a 3 year old who was napping while being held. 
I did however go back last week and get it, for 40% off! AMAZING! They even had the XL size that I needed AND it was the last one. Considering the fact that this item doesn't seem to be available on the website I'm chalking this one up to fate. We were meant to be together and we're going to be really happy. 

Now about the coat itself, I read some of the reviews and I was surprised, though most seem to be about the color and yes it's darker than the picture the website published. The quality is great, I adore the buttons and the lining is a nice soft satin like material. It's warm enough to wear on the chilly days already so I'd absolutely recommend this. The style is the NY Trench and if you wanted to check out some other user reviews you can find them by clicking this link

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