Thursday, April 4, 2013

Facebook likes are spam? I'm testing out this theory for my fellow bloggers.

Rumors spread like wildfire in the blogging community. Sometimes we get solid confirmation and sometimes we are just too nervous to test out the rumors we're hearing about.

Right now the big story is that some bloggers are seeing warnings on Facebook just for LIKING things! Just for clicking the like button too many times? Wait...what? That's facebook's most unique feature. There really isn't anything spammy about it, what if I actually DO like everything in my news feed?

Well a few weeks ago, I spent about 4 hours hitting the like button. On status updates, and the comments left on them, pictures and the comments left on them etc. I didn't get a warning.
Today it was brought back up in a blogger group so I decided to test it again. Results have varied!

Now I only clicked like on Status updates, pictures and links this time, not the comments added to them. I liked 80 things in about a minute and I got this:
I'm pretty sure I was clicking much faster today then the last time I'd done this test, so I'm going to say that getting banned for liking things is still unlikely. Puns are fun. I didn't even get to read or understand the things I liked I just liked whatever was in my feed. I doubt many people are using the like feature that way right?

Tomorrow I will test liking in groups. I'll like every status update in one of the groups I am involved in and will update on if there is a warning.


  1. I started liking everything again too just to test for a warning and I still have n't gotten one. I think it only happens if you click "like" several times in succession because to FB it appears to be automated (signaling spammer activity).

    1. That's what I'm thinking. Even the 'few' in succession seems to be an amount over 20. This might be because now when liking something, if it's sponsored shows on friends news feeds, so in some instances it's a bit like a 'share'. The more we know right?! :)


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