Monday, April 15, 2013

Manicure Monday

Lady bug lady bug fly away home...

I love this manicure. Simple, adorable and fun.

I haven't really been painting designs on my nails because my left pointer finger nail broke. This of course meant that I had to trim all of the nails shorter which breaks my heart every time.

FINALLY they are long enough where I feel comfortable drawing attention to them again.

Do you have any 'quick grow' secrets for when your nails break?

I've been considering doing step by step images. Would that interest anyone?

To create this look I used:
OPI - Danke-Shiny Red (Probably my favorite red of all time, from the Germany collection.)
Sally Hansen Salon Nail Lacquer - Black Patent
Sinful colors Professional - Snow Me White

Paint a solid red base, add a black tip and a center line then simply add some black dots. For the eyes add white dots, and use a smaller black in the center. Let dry, top coat and TADA! Ladybugs have taken over your fingers.

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