Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I got my Maven Box!

 Well Julep color me impressed. That was some speedy shipping and beautiful packaging. 

 The 3 colors that came in my It Girl Intro box are beautiful. 
Stefani - A silver steel grey polish with flecks of gold. 
Simone - A Lilac with an opalescent twist.
Carly - A dense blue glitter. (AHH I LOVE GLITTER!)

Look for swatches of all of these colors soon! 

I got this box for only the cost of shipping! It was $3.99 if you want to find out how to get yours now check out this post

Being a Maven comes with some extra perks (outside of the whole getting a box of amazing things once a month) some of them are:

20% off of all products and Free Shipping on Julep.
A Maven reward program. Earn Jules by referring friends which you can use to get a free box. 

Full disclosure, this post contains my personal referral link, because I, like you enjoy free things and would love for you to use them to join in being a Maven. 


  1. Ohhh I like it I shall check out that post and see if I cant find me a box like that!

  2. These are nice products to pamper your beauty!

  3. I love getting to play with girly products. I love the colors.

  4. Those polishes are so fab. ♥ this box.

  5. Love those colors. Going to check out their website now because my daughter would love this.

  6. I really like the glitter polish! It looks really pretty. I can't wait to see your manicure with these colors.

  7. oh... i love that box. one could never have enough nail polish.:)

  8. That is cute and pretty :-) It is my first time to hear about Maven ... bad huh? :-) anyway, that is really a great box to have for only paying the shipping cost of $3.99 good deal!

  9. Love the colors! I want a box like this for my daughter to get every month


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