Thursday, June 20, 2013

Everyone is partying like Gatsby.

I won't even begin to fib about how I feel about this trend. It's flat out, amazing. I love playing dress up. Especially when I can go simple glamor and look like a bombshell. Now while most of the flapper girl or roaring twenties looks are rather monochrome and dull (if you're sticking with authentic, it was a monochrome era and the dress was usually dull) the make up was very fun and specific. You want big round eyes, and red red lips. I did a simple smoky eye, matte red lips and a dash of blush.

Tuesday night I had a Great Gatsby roaring twenties party to attend and I have spent weeks gathering my accessories. If you follow on facebook you may have seen a peek at them.
If you don't follow my facebook page the image can be found to the left, but I hope you will follow me there. I was pretty selective about what to wear.
I went with few pieces. My head piece was handmade from bits of broken jewelry and feathers from the craft store then stuck together with a bit of hot glue. It's amazing and I plan to wear it again and again. I tossed on some pearls, an authentic black rhinestone necklace from the 20's and that was it for necklaces. Then I added some ruby red drop earrings, an authentic 20's clutch and a golden eagle arm band. Since I'm still a smoker (I'm disgusting I know...I'm working on it.) I also used a beautiful gold cigarette holder with jewels at the end. Bombshell.

Now the hair was tricky. TRICKY TRICKY. I thought first about just taking all of my hair (which is about 17 inches long and straight as a bone) and putting it into a bun then just attempting to use gel to force finger curls at the front. Then I decided I could do better. Faux bob better. It was a first attempt and a learning experience. I started by using a 1 1/2 inch curling on high setting to curl all of my hair into waves. When I did it I did not clamp the hair, simply wrapped it around the iron and held it in place by keeping tension on my hair. Once my entire head was done I hair sprayed the hell out of it. As a person who typically doesn't use product I felt like I'd drenched my hair in firm hold spray. It's the only way for me to keep a curl. Now here is where this project got tricky, for the faux bob look you have to sort of roll your hair into itself and hide the length under the 'bob' with bobby pins. The front was simple, I was so happy with the front, but the back was damned near impossible. I'd recommend having some help to do the back, I did not and it took me a fair amount of time to feel like I'd gotten it good enough. Eventually I just tried to hide the mistakes back there with a stretchy head wrap.

That's my Great Gatsby, roaring 20's look. The dress Is actually just a vintage slip that I dyed. I was hoping for it to be black, but it turned out this purple/grey and was gorgeous. The lace ended up looking blue and purple and I loved it.

There was a professional photographer at the event, so hopefully I'll have shots of the dress soon. For now it's just these bathroom selfies.


  1. Those are so cute. I have never gone to a costume/dress up party of any kind. Of course I normally do not dress up. Love seeing others doing it and having fun though.

  2. Sounds like a fun party. You surely did great on your 20's style ensemble. You look fab.

  3. I love how you look, your accessories and style definitely ensemble the 20's which i find very sassy and classic. You look amazing too!

  4. Beautiful! I love the pictures you took I look forward to seeing the professional ones. I like how you dyed your dress and put everything together you did an incredible job!

  5. You look so pretty :) and I love all those accessories you have there. Definitely a cute look for 20's

  6. Those are very nice pieces and you look great with it.


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