Sunday, June 16, 2013


Anything that claims that you can do anything about weight issues without work, or diet, or exercise is bunk. It's a bold faced lie and I'm tired of it. There are no miracles in weight loss there are lots of healthy diet approaches, but most of the time you're just going to have to work your ass off to, you know, work your ass off. Because of the title of my blog, my internet surfing experience is full of all of the horribly little advertisements that claim that you'll miraculously drop those unwanted pounds if you just follow this 'one simple diet trick' and then they display a cartoon of a fat girl hanging onto her stomach. It's disgusting. I am so sick and tired of these horrible ads trying to make me feel bad about myself and I'm tired of them trying to make you feel bad about you. I think you're awesome and beautiful.

Here's I'm Not Skinny's 2 step program to having the perfect beach body:
1. Put on your swimsuit (I'm a bikini gal myself, and yes I'm not skinny!)
2. Feel awesome knowing that you are beautiful and that you look great.

That's it. No work required other than to close the door on societies opinions and feel great about yourself.

Just for some inspiration (and then some sadness because it's sad that society says this beautiful woman is plus sized) here is Jennie Runk in her ads for H&M's new line of swimwear.

Photo source.