Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Robyn Lawley introduces a plus sized line of swimwear, and it's gorgeous.

Cosmic Libra
There's news for the Not Skinny ladies. Robyn Lawly a plus sized model (Plus sized kind of means normal sized in my world she's wearing a 12 here) who's launching a really fashionable line of plus size swim suits. The suits are available for pre-sale now on the Madison Plus Select website and they do look beautiful. They range in price from $140 - 190 which I think seems pretty reasonable for a suit.

She Said one piece

Since I measure in at 41-38-43 (oooh girl that's right! I just let you know my actual measurements!) finding one piece suits is always a toughie for me, which is typically why I end up going with bikinis. Good thing that the She Said style comes in a high wasted bikini. I may have to buy that one for myself.