Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Splendies Review. A new monthly subscription you're going to love.

I'm not bashful, right now you're totally checking out my underpants, now we're friends right?
I'm in love with subscription boxes. I love getting these little affordable surprises in the mail each month and then you add in that I can do this with underwear and I'm all over it. This brings me to Splendies, who contacted me and asked me to give them a try and review their service for all of the internet to see. I quickly accepted and here we have it. Now lets talk about Splendies and why I think this is another amazing subscription service.

My package arrived promptly in a lovely red, waterproof envelope that ensured privacy (for those of you who might be concerned or are bashful about undies, don't worry no one but you will know). Opening that up I found delicately wrapped in pink tissue paper three beautiful pair of XL undies that I loved at first sight. They all fit me great as well. A big plus and the reason why I'm going to be signing up for Splendies myself.

You're also getting a good variety here. Splendies curates it's panties from different brands. When they first contacted me I landed on the review page, and took a look around. I'd noticed several reviewers mentioned getting Victoria Secret brand in their packaged and the like. You're really going to get something new each month which I think is fantastic. I like surprises and clearly I like to try out new things.

Overall I'm kind of in love with this one. As a Not Skinny girl I'm also glad that they had sizes that suited me. XL is perfect for me, but if you're a bit more voluptous fret not! They've got something for you too beautiful. Check out Volupties, a sister site where they'll have something to suit your curves. As always I strongly recommend pulling out the tape measure and double checking what size you're going to fit on the sizing chart.

Alright so if you're looking for a deal you can get your first month with Splendies for only $8 just use code SPLENDIES at checkout the subsequent months will be billed at $12 If you're looking at the Volupties, you can get your first month for $12 use code VOLUPTIES at checkout then it's only $17 a month there after.

Be sure to follow Volupties on twitter and facebook. Splendies social media is coming soon.