Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Unmentionably Cheeky a panty subscrition you need right now.

As many of my readers know I'm in love with the subscription boxes that have been on the upswing. It's like giving yourself a gift each month. I can't explain how exciting it is to know that once a month you've got a personal reward coming your way. Now I've learned about UmCheeky (Unmentionably Cheeky) a subscription service that brings you 3 beautiful pair of panties each month and for only $8 (assuming you sign up NOW and use the code Summer at checkout).

My UmCheeky goodies came discreetly packaged in a beautiful pink envelope. Inside I found, delicately sealed in pretty purple tissue paper my 3 UmCheeky panties. It's a pretty exciting package to open, The panties look so beautiful and are folded so perfectly. A fold they will never see again, because I'm admittedly awful at panty folding. Well really most folding I'm awful at, I compensate by hanging and color coding almost all of my clothes. I digress, back to the panties at hand...I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of these, the fabrics are so soft! The lace seems really durable while also being soft and looking beautiful. The cotton is clearly high quality and these are all very wearable.

Often with lace waistbands I find that there can be some discomfort, I did find that with the UmCheeky panties this was not an issue. They are lined with a cotton band that helps to prevent irritation a real sign of quality. I also want to point out that they are very true to size. At this time they don't have XL or XXL available but the website does note that they are coming soon. I personally would probably want to step up to an XL as a personal preference but the L did fit me. Be sure to check out their size chart before ordering, and be sure to actually measure yourself with a tape measure to see what size is suited for you. Again if you don't see your size represented, keep checking back as it appears they intend to add larger sizes soon.

Overall I think UmCheeky is an excellent subscription service. Receiving a monthly package of 3 panties for $8 a month (remember you have to use the code SUMMER at check out, the normal subscription cost being $11) is a fantastic value. Factoring in the quality of the panties makes it well worth even the normal cost of $11, the satisfaction guarantee which is always a comfort and FREE shipping; adding in that it's a husband and wife team, and that I'm a huge fan of personable small businesses and UmCheeky gets my total seal of approval.

Order your subscription to UnMentionably Cheeky before the summer sale ends.

Be sure to like UmCheeky on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

I did receive 3 panties for free (the equivalent of one month in the subscription) to review the product and service. I operate my blog with integrity and honesty. If you would like more information please check my disclosure page.