Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Good Life VoxBox Review #GoodVoxBox

 Hooray! A new VoxBox from Influenster (whom I love). This box that I recently qualified for is the  Good Live VoxBox or #GoodVoxBox.

For those of you who aren't sure what Influenster is let me explain a little further.  Influenster is a site that links brands to trendsetters. Those of you who love trying new products and telling all of your friends, family and strangers should check out the site and join the waiting list. I'm still waiting for more invites to open up but if you leave your email in the comments I'll be sure to share one with you when they do!

As my regular readers will know I've been on a mission to shape up and get my booty in gear so this comes just in time.

Here's what I found inside:

New-Skin Liquid Spray Bandage- 1 oz
New-Skin isn't a new company, they've been around for years. I recall using this product on my Pop-pop often as he was bed ridden and often regular bandages failed to allow his skin to breathe. I often use New-Skin on my own scrapes and scratches but this is my first time with the spray. I'm sure I'll love it.

ZonePerfect Greek Yogurt Bars - 1 Bar
190 calories and 12 grams of protein isn't bad for one of these bars. The taste is good too. Often I find that protein bars can taste a little grainy and have a poor after taste but this bar in the Greek Yogurt Raspberry was spot on with flavor.

Urgent RX Fast Powders - 1 Pack
I actually grabbed one of these in my Bulu box and as luck would have it after announcing that I rarely get headaches, I ended up with one. I'm going to tell you though, this product didn't work for me. Maybe it was a stress headache and this isn't formulated to rid you of those, but should I get another I'll give it a go again and see what the result is.

the Vitamin Shoppe Garcinia Cambogia - 90 capsules
Garcinia Cambogia has been getting lots of attention recently for it's ability in aiding some in helping to suppress appetite. The fruit comes from Southeast Asia, India and West Africa.  The directions are to take two capsules 30 minutes for a meal. I'll give it a shot.

Nonni's THINaddictives - 1 pack
If you've trie Nonni's biscottis you'll know this brand is pretty good at baking delicious things to eat. The THINaddictives are good. I mean really good. 100 calories a pack, loaded with flavor and nuts. They would be a good snack if you're on the go. Might be nice to keep a pack or so at work, but they are pretty addictive.

There you have it! My Influenster #GoodVoxBox. I'm excited about the products and look forward to chatting more about them soon.


Also just a note that I did get these product for free to try out. All opinions are my own and I hold myself to a standard of honesty. If I don't like it I'm going to let you know.


  1. I'm getting this voxbox too I can't wait

  2. Are the boxes just sent out randomly? I have been super active on the site and never got a box, but my husband signed up and within three weeks he gets one. He has only done three reviews and has no badges!!!

    1. It's a matter of qualifying for them. I just usually jump on the random surveys they send out to my email. Make sure that you've got emails from Influenster coming to your inbox so you don't miss those pre-qual surveys.


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