Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Give me vintage or give me sparkles!

At some point last year I stumbled into a little shop Carousel Vintage off of the beaten path in Old City. A friendly shop owner greeted me and was super helpful, and so I returned and then returned many more times. That friendly shop owner was Sara, whom I've now become friends with. Her little shop has since closed, because it really was off of the beaten path, but she's got a great online shop that I wanted to share with you all! She even let me come by today and try on many of the pieces she' has on her Etsy shop ShopCarousel, and gave me a sneak peek at some upcoming items to watch for.

This vintage 1960's mod necklace is beautiful. Designed by Paula Brass Egyptian Revival it's truly unique. I absolutely loved the chain and the necklace is so fun to wear. You'll turn heads, you'll get compliments and you'll look fabulous. Need it? Want it? Got ta, got ta have it? No worries it's on sale now!(SOLD)
This 1950s Eames Era Glass Link vintage bracelet was so impressive. I fell in love. Such glamor to it, and the piece just screams FABULOUS! The tricky part here is you're going to have to have a small wrist, well an extra small one. I consider my wrists pretty small and this was just a tad tight for me. I could wear it, but I might not wear it all night. Are you a member of the itty bitty vintage bracelet committee? Then order this one right away.

Be still my beating heart! These rings spoke to me on so many levels. Aren't they perfect? Vintage jewelry is so impressive, it's all in the little details. Check out the 14 K gold setting on the Amethyst Princess ring (size 7 as seen on my right ring finger). It's old school beautiful, and I love the 80's. Then look at the 14K Gold Ring Angel Skin Coral 1950s Victorian Revival (Size 6.5 seen on my left ring finger) is just so intricate and perfect. So much in love with these.

 The rings were so much fun that we couldn't help but be a little silly. Many of these aren't yet up yet, but are coming soon, so be sure to keep an eye on Shop Carousel for those to pop up. I absolutely loved all of these.
There is really something about vintage jewelry that just feels better. Those $5 costume rings that we all buy today just don't have the personality that these older pieces do. They also don't have the staying power and aren't made as well.

Let's talk about these fantastic pieces of art that you get to wear on your ears. These Thelma Deutsch Earrings Rhinestone Multi Color Crystal Shoulder Duster Clips from the 1980's are boss, they aren't just fabulous, they are effing perfect. Not too heavy and not too tight on the ears. I got a sparkle drunk wearing these. You should too. Check them out here

Last up we have the most sparkly earrings I have ever seen in my life. The Cut Crystal Pink & Purple Rivoli Glass Rondelles by Mistar Bijoux from the 1980s. I confess, I'm addicted to glitter, it's my thing. I love it, I need it and Ke$ha doesn't do glitter right. That's right Ke$ha, you suck at glitter stop making it look bad. If you love sparkles you probably want these. I'm sorry that our photos can't show off just how fantastic these are, but they are. With one side purple the other side pink and more sparkly than a vampire in these modern day vampire movies these are my favorite. Grab them before they are gone here

That's it! A big thank  you to Sara for letting me play dress up today! I hope you'll check out her shop and her amazing collection, and then buy stuff because it's amazing! 

I didn't receive compensation for this post, I made it simply because I think Sara is wonderful and because I love all of the jewelry she owns.