Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thrifting win: Rockport Loafers.

I'm a thrifty chick. I'm also thrifty chic, it's a lifestyle. That being said I wandered into a new thrift store the other day and found something amazing for $1. That's right a whole buck. A friend told me that if I could pay for something with the change in my pocket, it's free. These were not free because I had no change in my pocket and had to go get cash to purchase them but...had I had a dollar...

I love the texture of these loafers. That's what really caught my eye. I'm all for texture, then after getting them home and trying them on I discovered a few things. 1. They are unrealistically comfortable. 2. They look amazing with high socks 3. The brand Rockport is actually a fairly decent brand that's been around for ages.

I know that I will be checking for deals on more of their shoes now. These loafers have me sold!

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