Saturday, November 2, 2013

Blogember: November 1 - One of the best lessons life has shown you

I'm a month and 8 days away from 30 years old. Taking that in, is so much. It feels like just yesterday I was little...but my youth was hard. It shouldn't have been, but it was.

My mother was an addict and an alcoholic, my father was the man who raped her, I didn't know him. She struggled to find a way to love me, but I look like him and as an adult I understand how it was hard for her. For that reason I was given to my Grandmother for her to raise me, so that I could have a 'better shot'. Except that Mom-mom was abusive both mentally and physically and if I weren't a stronger person I might have become someone very different than I am today.  The flip side being that if someone had shown me some love and support, nurtured the good things in me I could have also come out very different, maybe even better.

I didn't often find kindness or support or love in my home life. It was something I always tried to seek out in other places, church, the homes of friends, my uncles or my aunt. Seeking those things outside of my home didn't often fulfill the need I had.

The best lesson life has taught me at nearly 30 years old is to be kind to children. Love them, help them, nurture them and support them. If you can't, don't have them and don't be around them.

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