Monday, November 11, 2013

Blogember: November 11 - 3 albums you would take in a deserted island

*Contains affiliate links, because even bloggers need money.

I wish I could tell you that this decision was so tough because I just don't know how to choose from a million albums, it's not hard for me at all. I do love music, I love all kinds of music! I know so many songs that my brain plays a soundtrack of it's own constantly. That being said, there are three albums I know I'd need.

1. Journey Greatest Hits

 I'll admit I'd probably skip 'Don't Stop Believing' every time, but come on, Journey is AMAZING! With a track list like this, I'd be alright. 'Open Arms', 'Ask the Lonely' and 'Faithfully' alone make this album worth it.

2. The Essential Clash

I don't even think I should bother explaining why I would NEED The Clash on a deserted island. When that crazy sets in I want to have something amazing to bounce around to. I'm still a little Punk Rock...

3. Year Zero - Nine Inch Nails

This was the most difficult. I would NEED a NIN album, no question. Pretty Hate Machine is amazing, hell every NIN album is amazing...but maybe it's because of the diversity of this album that I'd pick it. Maybe it's because I can't hear 'Me, I'm not' enough or maybe it's just the revolutionary in me who remembers the fantastic marketing around this album, or the visuals I'd have while listening to 'Survialism'. Oh Trent, you're a beautiful man and that scarf just makes you sexier. Grrr.

Heyyyyy, can we stop?!

There you have it! My 3 must have albums.  What 3 albums would you choose?