Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Blogember: November 12 - Your first pet

Her name was KITTY! Yes, I know a cliche but I was four and she was my Kitty. If it makes you feel better all of the adults in my life called her Bitch. How did I manage to acquire Kitty a.k.a. Bitch one might ask? Well that's a fun story!

As a kid I spent a lot of time at my Aunt Francine's house and while we didn't have pets Aunt Francine had a cat named Screwball who I loved to chase around, snuggle and maul. On one particular visit, I was unable to find kitty in any of her usual places. This meant I had to sneak upstairs to hunt, upstairs wasn't a place where we kiddies were supposed to be, but I was determined. Wandering around I began to hear little squeaks, they sounded a bit like meows but they weren't loud and it couldn't have been Screwball, but I followed them anyway. Into Aunt Francine's bedroom, the sounds grew slightly louder, more clear for sure. Where were these peeps coming from? Where was Screwball?! I lifted the bed skirt to find....KITTENS! Oh wait! There was Screwball, but what was she doing?! Putting the kittens into her mouth! I at the tender age of four didn't realize that Momma cats pick up their kittens with their mouths and so I thought she was killing them. I quickly ran downstairs and told my Mom-mom and my Aunt that Screwball was eating the kittens, a confused mess of running up and down the stairs ensued and in the end all was explained. She wasn't eating them, she was hiding them and when they were old enough to not need their Momma cat I was going to be able to keep one for saving them. In the end it came down to two kittens, an orange one dubbed 'Butterscotch' by my eldest sister and the one who ended up being named Kitty by yours truly. Something about Kitty made me need her, there was a look in her eyes that matched mine, and she was my pick. My eldest sister wasn't happy with my choice, but she didn't save the kittens so there!

In the end, Kitty ended up being my best friend, my favorite companion and a much needed addition to my life. I trained her to attack people on command, she was my guard cat. Remembered fondly, if only by me. I still miss her.


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