Monday, November 18, 2013

Blogember: November 18 - Happiest moment of your life

Oi oi oi! This is a hard one. I have lots of happy moments, it's hard to say what the 'happiest' moment was. I feel like I need categories to decide what is the happiest moment in what area. I've also had a lot of sad moments, sadness outweighs the happy in my life, so my happy moments are precious to me.

I won't be able to narrow this down to the happiest moment, so instead I shall give you A Happy moment.

Each year, my family would travel to Pine Barrens in New Jersey to camp for a week. I looked forward to that trip every year. It was the only time I got to really be a kid. We'd ride our big wheels for hours (mine was a Miami Vice big wheel), we'd swim and just get to be silly. It was perfect.
We would also fish with my Uncles which was always exciting assuming we caught something. Well one day, we caught nothing, but rather than give up, we decided to tie a line to the dock and come back later to see if we caught anything. To our great surprise we had! When we pulled the line in, there was a fish! It was a cat fish, and though we had brought it back to camp and everyone was eager to eat it, I only identified the cat part of the word...and refused to allow it to be killed. Even at the tender age of 5 I was a crazy cat lady. It had whiskers, and we weren't going to eat it. I put up a huge protest, stomping around and shedding tears.

I couldn't eat it, and I couldn't bare to watch anyone else eat it. After my protests my Uncle Robert decided that it was cruel to continue planning dinner around this CATfish that we'd caught with me so upset so he grabbed the fish, put it back in the bucket and hand in hand we walked back to the lake to set it free.

We couldn't get the hook out, because it had pierced the fishe's eye, but Uncle Robert assured me he would be ok (despite the fact that, that was a lie). We sent the fish back to the freedom of his home, in the lake.

I can't tell you why that made me happy, or why the memory of it sticks with me the way it does. I recently chatted with my Uncle about the events of that day and asked why he told me the fish would be alright (because typically when they have their eye pierced with a hook they die) when clearly it's fate had already been decided. His response was 'I saw that fish the last time I was at Nummy fishing, mean as hell he is, hook still in his eye, he tried to eat my boat, but then he must have remembered that we let him go and he swam off'. Maybe the happy part comes from the fact that my Uncle clearly took the actions he took just to spare my feelings. It was a beautiful moment, and one of my happiest.


  1. So nice to have memories like that out in nature! I have several of those myself!

    1. I agree. Camping was the best. I was always filthy, rarely wore clothes and it was the BEST1


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