Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Blogember: November 19 - First Job

My very first job started essentially the moment I could stand up and stay standing. You see we lived above my Mom-mom's business...a flower shop. Our job as kids was to stand on the street corner and sell flowers. We had to earn our keep!
Considering I lived in a really really dangerous neighborhood this was probably ill advised as it lead me to some really scandalous behavior, but that's another story.

My first job was as a petal pusher, I stood on the corner, covered in filth and looking extra sad so that people would want to buy things from us. How can you say no to a pathetic child. We were nearly starving most times, and our coats were almost always a mess. We were pretty pathetic, but we didn't know any better so it was what it was.

My earliest memories of selling flowers start at about age 4, though likely I was on someone's hip years before that.


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