Monday, November 4, 2013

Blogember: November 4 - Write for 5 minutes on the prompt: Freedom

I wish I had a cheat sheet for this one. I don't want to spend my time politicizing and yet with a word like freedom it's hard not to. I don't want to define freedom, because's a word that is bigger in concept than it's own definition. I also don't want to define what freedom is to me, because well FREEDOM!
This puts me in a strange place. I clearly have to decide to do one of the things I don't want to do and defining freedom in any direct way really feels like a cop out.
Let's instead look ask a question about freedom, a hard one.
What happens when your decision to embrace freedom impedes someone else's freedom to say, be happy or even to be free? It's freedom we're protecting when we arrest someone who has violated the 'rights' of another person or persons, yet we're taking away their freedom by doing so. Doesn't that just make your head throb? It does mine. Not to say that criminals shouldn't be punished but we're a society of hypocrites and nobody can deny. I mean you can deny it, your good old American 'freedom' says that you can have your opinion and it can be different from mine. You can even voice your opinion here on my blog. Of course my blog doesn't have to be a free speech zone, you're not free to say what you want in my comments because I own this space and should your statement disappoint or offend me I am free to remove it. Free to take away your voice in this space. There is no real freedom on the internet you see, only the freedom to create...and even then your perfectly crafted message can be obliterated.

I think we've given too much power to the idea of freedom and I think we don't really understand or believe that we have absolute freedom. Though Americans in our cocky way, take it upon ourselves to cry 'free speech' 'freedom of speech' and pretend like we're allowed to say what we want whenever we want and we can disregard others because FREEDOM!

I don't like the word. It's a dirty one. Freedom.

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  1. I love your out look on the word Freedom! Everything you said is true!


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