Thursday, November 7, 2013

Blogember: November 7 - A day in your life

Ah a day in the life. I wish this were easy but it won't be. Mondays are one of the days I spend with my fella and they are a bit x-rated so we'll skip that day altogether. Hey, I'm an adult!

Typical work day is as follows:

7 am - wake up
8 am- finally get out of bed and start boiling water for tea or making coffee (I can never know which one I want until I'm in the kitchen)
8:20 am - Feed the cats and start sipping my warm beverage to get my day started. Read newspaper/magazine.
9 am - Time to start work. Open the laptop and check my work email, being checking out blog stats and make a task sheet for the day. Then loose myself in work for several hours.
11 am - Check facebook, doddle around begin my blog tasks continue working.
12 pm - Lunch time (I don't usually eat breakfast so around noon I make breakfast food and nom nom nom)
1 pm - Back to work! Really start getting work tasks done and answer more emails, chat with customers for several hours.
3 pm - Blog time and facebook. (Working from home gets lonely so I like to give myself a chance to pretend I have work friends...)
3:30pm - You guessed it, BACK TO WORK. Time to finish up my task sheet and make sure I've gotten done what I wanted to, if not get it done!
5 pm - Stop working. (I'm getting better at this because I work from home and can technically just keep working, I try to stop at or around 5pm)
5:30 pm - Check the mail for the next 30 minutes if it hasn't shown up yet it better be here soon! Where are my freebies!
6:30 pm - Eat again. I make all of my own meals for the most part so this takes some time.
7:30 pm - Make phone calls or chatter on Facebook/twitter with friends.
9:00 pm - read, or take a bath or go out and drink with friends (if it's Thursday I've been out drinking for an hour already - I like craft cocktails) I socialize often so more often than not around 9 I head out into the world for several hours to be with my friends.
12 am - prep for bed.
3 am - sleep until it's time to wake up at 7.

After reviewing this, I realize that it might seem dull to some...but I should add that I don't have kids, a husband or other things that dictate when I have to do things. The cool thing about my life is that if I'm bored, I can change it up. I work from home so if I'm very bored, I go out to a coffee shop or a friends house, or travel to another city for a few days. I have the freedom to make those choices, which is exciting despite the fact that even I think the above schedule sounds dull.

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