Friday, November 8, 2013

Blogember: November 8 - 5 minutes on the prompt: Time

Ah. How fitting that TIME would be a prompt. I just received a beautiful Timex (as some of you may have noticed on my Voting Day What I'm Wearing post which has me reflecting on time a lot more than I had imagined.

I've been wearing the watch everyday. I love it, really I do. More than just loving the way it looks I'm reminded of when I needed a watch and I wore it because I needed it. When I was a kid we had very strict check in times. Every two hours we had to come home to check in, no wiggle room. For every minute we were late we were grounded for a day. You NEVER wanted to be late...ever. Being grounded meant being a time was very important and keeping track of it was key to not being trapped scrubbing the fridge with bleach for a 15th time. For this reason I seldom left the house without wearing my obnoxious Tigger watch, until an unfortunate accident caused the crown to be imbedded in to my wrist.
16 year old me and my Tigger watch.

Now kids have their cell phones, adults have their cell phones and it seems that as we get older we just become more aware that time is fleeting and pay less attention. The only time I'm really worried about what the time is, is when I'm out drinking and it's getting dangerously close to that last call time. ANOTHER BOURBON PLEASE BARTENDER! I'm an adult and 2am is occasionally my time dilemma.

As I'm also on the cusp of my 30th birthday time seems to have passed without me noticing. How have I existed for 30 years? I'm vintage! I'M VINTAGE! This is absurd. I'm not ready for all of this adult stuff, pass me another bourbon...or seven. Time is fleeting, time is ever passing and ever present and we seldom notice it until it's gone. It's something we can't have back either. Years spent cannot be unspent.


  1. I'm also about to turn 30. I haven't quite come to grips with that yet. Time HAS gone by quickly.

  2. The older on gets, the faster it flies by, no doubt. I read your post about voting day and now I've read this one and now I'm wanting a new watch even more!

  3. The older my girls get, the quicker time goes. My oldest just started preschool, and now its about to be Christmas break soon. I wish time would slow down... just a little.

  4. At 43, the time just keeps getting faster and faster and I am not liking it one bit. I suppose we will all hit a time when it will all slow down so much that we will wish that it would speed up some but for now, I could go for it to sloooow down.


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