Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My November Splendies are in check out my review!

LOVE THEM! Honestly these are so much fun.

My November Splendies are in, and I'm a happy gal.

Those sassy leopard and lace panties by Jennifer Intimates just SCREAM my name. They are very soft and very wearable. As are the red ones in the back. Super soft I really like the Jennifer Intimates brand. Every pair I've gotten so far from them I have adored.

The Cheeky black panties come from Spree and are also very cute. Again soft and wearable, they are also a bit sheer and so much fun!

I've told you about Splendies before, but I shall tell you again because this is a subscription service everyone should have. Admit it you don't buy yourself enough panties! Sign up for Splendies now and give yourself a month treat. At $12 a month this is totally worth it.


Why do people hate the word panties so much? I've always used that word I don't understand why it's somehow become some awful word that no one should say. I say it loud and proud PANTIES!

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