Monday, December 2, 2013

The Dirty Thirty Giveaway!

30 years have passed since the day I was born, alright NEARLY 30 years because I'm still a few days shy of actually being 30. I've already decided not to make any real changes. I mean, it's just another year right?

According to my mother and various other acquaintances whose opinions I have nary a care for, there are rules that I should be following. My mother says it's inappropriate for me to continue to have such long hair, 'it's time to cut that off now, you're too old for it' she says. Meanwhile others are worried that my barren womb should be full of a baby by now and my fingers should carry a ring that means more than me just thinking it's pretty. Alas, I don't give a fuck for these social norms! That's right, I said fuck...get over it. I'm an adult, we get to curse when we want to.

I'm choosing to go with my lover on this one (that's right he's a LOVER not a boyfriend...) who says that 30 is pretty nondescript. He said the same is true of 40 so I'm just nodding in agreement because I like that better than the alternative.

With all that being said, let's move on to the only part you actually give a damn about...THE GIVEAWAY! I have these three beautiful polishes sitting around and I just don't need them! Brand spanking new from back when I was a Julep maven (I am no longer a maven) and since they are blueish, and the birthstone for December is bluish I figured, eh, why not do a giveaway?!

Now without further adieu I give to you the prize:

Top to bottom: Char, Tracey and Angela

 (Rafflecopter after the jump)

There they are! Beauties aren't they? I bet you wanna win them! I want you to win them too. Here's thee rafflecopter!

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