Monday, December 23, 2013

The old Bait and Switch.

I'm not going to go naming names, if you check out my twitter feed you'll get a grand idea of whom most of this is directed at, but I've been feeling pretty baited as of late. I love the beauty subscription services, I really do. I just turned 30 and I only really got into cosmetics in the last few years. For this reason most of my experience with make-up comes from my friend's recommendations. Which are great, but I like to be the one who recommends sometimes too. Subscription beauty services like IPSY have really given me that opportunity.

However, there are those beauty boxes that baited me in and gave me a great few boxes...then went sour. I have cancelled a few of those boxes this year, and I'm on my way to getting rid of another.

The trick here is I want something to replace it! I like the boxes, I like the variety, I just don't want to get stuck paying for a bunch of samples I could have gotten for free by simply asking the brand for it. Which honestly, is what has ended up happening with my recent disappointment.

-End Rant-

Oh, do you subscribe to any beauty boxes? Please drop your referral link here! I'm shopping around and would be happy to give you points if I go with one you've suggested.