Thursday, January 9, 2014

January 2014 Birchbox Review - or - Why I cancelled Birchbox.

 I'll start off by pointing out that this January Birchbox looked, at first glance alright. I'm not going to call it fantastic, because I've gotten this same sample of Viva La Juicy several times during my subscription. I didn't like it the first time (and yes I reviewed it and said I didn't like it) and I don't like it now. The nail rock I'm excited about but then again, I love nail stuff so of course I am. The other samples are a leave in conditioner and an eyeshadow. I'll give shout outs to the brands on my twitter independently of this review because I don't want them associated with my negative opinion of Birchbox.

Alright now lets talk about what's changed in the last few months with Birchbox, in November they introduced something new, FINDS - if you take a peek at the image below you'll see that in November the item list count was 6. In that box we got a notice that the 'find' which for me was a chocolate bar, was in addition to my samples and that it would always be in addition to...not a replacement for, ok cool. I've ALWAYS gotten 5 the additional item was welcome and seemed generous. Last month December in the image below. The 'find' was a Birchbox branded cell phone cleaner, yea...great, they didn't even bother to list it in the box description on their site. I get why, it was lame. However, I at least still got my 5 items (though they were pathetic) and my 'find' in addition.

 Fast forward to this month and what have we here?! My my, I've only got 4 samples and a find, followed by a disclaimer that states: 'Don't worry - these products are in addition to your usual samples, never in place of them.' Really? That's funny because I'VE ALWAYS GOTTEN 5 SAMPLES. Now we only get 4? year less value for money. Great! Thanks for the Mass market find...and for taking away my sample. I would have had to shrink the screen too much to show you how many months I've been getting my box and how many items came in it, but I included as many as I could so that you can see (and that image is shot right from Birchbox) that they have always given me 5 samples, the find has replaced my 5th sample. If I wanted mass market samples, I would reach out to mass market companies, and get them for free. It's easy enough to do.

After being dissappointed for the last few months, while seeing the sample sizes dwindle from something I could test out to one time use samples, they fed me a canned response and then realized I was a doesn't matter. I'm a consumer advocate, I want to get my moneys worth and I want anyone who reads my blog to get theirs. Even if they AREN'T a blogger. This review is harsh, because Birchbox earned it. 

That is why I've cancelled my Birchbox.

If you weren't sure if you should join, I'd say don't bother. Get on the waiting list for Ipsy. It's much better and the same price.