Monday, January 13, 2014

January 2014 Splendies review.

Splendies is a fun monthly subscription service. For $12 you get 3 pair of panties. I've written about Splendies before, but I noticed that not many bloggers are keeping up to date on what they get monthly, and well...I don't mind showing off my panties! Here's what my January 2014 Splendies package contained.

How cute are they?! I receive the XL Splendies subscription, as you can see by my tags. I will encourage you to check the size chart and follow it.

This month I got 3 really great pair.
The pink floral boy cut panties are by Vision Intimate and are really practical and comfortable.

The nude lacy boy shorts are by Jennifer Intimates and again, really soft. They also have this glitter detail that I couldn't quite get the camera to pick up, but they are really beautiful.

Then my new favorites are the adorable Hearts and check pair from Teri Lingerie. These are FUN! Covered in little red hearts, with the checkered ruffles and even heart buttons to boot! These are going to make fella really excited come a certain silly holiday for lovers. (I think Valentine's day is awful, alas he likes it.)

There you have it! Are you a splendies subscriber?