Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Excited to play around with this Ozeri digital scale!

I got this Ozeri scale for free to review and it got me to thinking about how I fail to stick to diets. I mean I live a pretty sedate lifestyle for now...mostly boozing and socializing, but I work from home (through the end of this month) and I really should get moving.

In anticipation of my full review of this product, I figured I'd have a bit of fun...with a guess my weight game.

I'm also a fan of doing anything that cuts down on fat shaming. I'm not skinny, but I am beautiful and certainly comfortable in my own skin.

So...what do you think? Guess my weight!

*Disclosure. I got this product for free to review, this is not my review of this product, but when I do write my review it will be my honest opinion of the product!


  1. We need to love ourselves for who we are. You are doing great job, our weight does not define us

  2. Working from home can be the worst for me. I get SOO lazy. I've started eating healthier, though, but I really want to get into shape.

  3. That is a great looking scale. I love how big the digital display is.

    Michelle F.

  4. I love your attitude and your hair is gorgeous! So rare to see other women keep their hair this long :)


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