Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Job hunting in 2014 is much harder than it was in 2009

I recently found out that my very comfortable position at my very comfortable job will become non existent at the end of the month, cue freaking out and frantically job hunting, am I right? Freaking out and job hunting is what I've been doing. In the last few weeks I've sent out no less than 80 resumes, filled out numerous applications and gone on only one interview. I've got a promising second interview with that company later this week, wish me luck!

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What I did take note of is that I've heard back from so few of the positions I've applied for. I recall my job hunt in 2009 involved a lot of responses, even if they were just to say they found a more qualified candidate. Sending out resumes these last few weeks has felt a bit like throwing a paper airplane into the darkness and hoping you see it crash. I don't like it and honestly it seems horribly unprofessional.

Though I suppose I'm not really factoring in how many people are applying for those same jobs. Without getting too political  (I'm a liberal, very liberal, so liberal that I think Europe needs more liberalism so hate me now if you want to) I know that the job market is dead and that a lot of people are struggling to find work, but still knowing you're not even being considered would be nice. I don't like having to assume that I'm not getting the job. It's so self defeating.

Are you job hunting? Have you noticed this too? I wonder if it's the same for interviews...are they just not calling you back like a terrible first date?

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