Friday, March 28, 2014

Does a Diamond Auction sound fun to you? Thought so!

Today I was introduced to Gemporia, and I lost hours of my day browsing the site. BEAUTIFUL pieces, seriously. My first crush was on this amazing Swiss Blue Topaz Ring and I don't even think I need to explain why. It's gorgeous and the price is right at under $20.

The site is really easy to navigate. You know how much I love a clean crisp website! I like that the sorts are very customizable, and that browsing the jewelry I found something for every budget. I really loved several of the bangles, I'm very into bracelet stacking these days and they have some fun ones that I intend on ordering for myself very soon. The jingle jangle of a stacked bracelet set always puts a smile on my face.

Something else unique about Gemporia is that they actually have a live auction TV station called Rocks TV you can check out the live auctions right on I was watching a bit of it this morning and got really hooked on the necklace that was up for auction. Gemporia has a special diamond event coming up that they don't want anyone to miss out on!
This diamond auction on RocksTV is scheduled to air at 9pm EST - prime time - and you're probably going to want the two products they are auctioning. Take a look at these sparkly beauties.

Diamond Sterling Silver Earrings 0.11cts  - RRP $626
These are gorgeous. I love the fine cuts and the details. Plus they look super sparkly. I can't wait to see them live on the show! You know I'm a sucker for some sparkles. Diamonds never disappoint. I also like the width of these. I often stay away from smaller earrings, because honestly, if no one is going to see them under my hair, what's the point? These would make a statement, I'm certain.

Next up is really one that I'm excited for. The ring matches the earrings actually and is just perfect. I want it!

Check out the detail. Isn't it beautiful? I need more rings.

This one might find it's way into my ring collection. Again, it looks like it would be fantastically sparkly. Certainly another piece that makes a statement and who doesn't want diamonds?

Well I hope you'll check out the diamond auction on RocksTV and if you're feeling generous feel free to buy one for you, and then one for me!

Just a quick tip, make sure to register early for the site so that you're logged in and all set to bid. You can find the Log in/Register tab on the top right hand side of the website. 

Diamond Auction is scheduled for 9PM Saturday, March 28 and can be veiwed right on the Gemporia Live Auction tab.

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