Sunday, May 11, 2014

It's that time of year again, bikini season!

It's a time of year that many women dread, mostly because the media says you should be skinny and you're probably not. Well I am of the opinion that the easiest way to having a bikini body is to put on a fucking bikini.

We're not perfect, not one of us. The models you see in magazines they don't look like that, not really. They have cellulite, they dehydrate themselves for photo shoots and now with photoshop they are even more processed. It's simply not realistic to look at those magazines and strive for that as a standard of what's beautiful.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not skinny, but I'm not hating on skinny gals. I know you struggle too, those beauty standards aren't true for you either! Sure you can get the boob job and have size gigantic tits, but really who gives a fuck? Embrace who you are, eat, drink and be merry!

We're all different, we're all beautiful and if you're healthy, you should be happy. If you're not, then get to work bitch! By all health standards I am obese. I'm usually between a 32-34 BMI. Mostly because those things don't factor in the amount of muscle I have on my body. Spending years as a a muscle jerk means I'm more muscular than most and because of my muscle mass my ideal weight might be somewhere around 160-170 lbs. I could aim for 150 but it would be tough to maintain. Am I over the ideal weight I would like to be at? FUCK YES! I'm 200lbs and I would love to drop 30-40 lbs, but am I going to starve myself to do it? No. Am I going to shrivel and hide in the corner pretending that I don't matter because I'm not 'ideal'? Fuck no! I'm going to try to make better choices and I'm going to wear a bikini to the fucking beach.

I put one on today, I own several. I look beautiful, even in last night's make-up, unshowered and untouched. I hope you realize that swimsuits aren't your enemy, and you're beautiful.

Now all I need is a tan.

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