Thursday, January 22, 2015

I'm bringing back garters as hosiery - True and Co is going to help.

I have a love for socks and a hatred for pants so it's common that as the season gets colder my socks get higher. This introduces a slight wardrobe issue. thigh highs on a not skinny girl, don't really stay put the way they should. There's a pretty great solution for that though! Garter belts. That's right, garter belts are those beautiful little thigh strings that keep socks up. Women had worn them for ages in every day life and then they fell out of fashion and became a budoir/lingerie/sexy time sort of thing. Well, I'm bringing back the garters because they are beautiful and functional and I effing like them! 
That being said, I stumbled across a really great site over this past weekend, True and Co great because the website is set up wonderfully, the marketing is genius and the products look just fabulous. My friends were shocked that I would bother to be on a site that advertises bras so heavily (I hate bras just about as much as I hate pants), but what drew me in was this garter skirt.  It's beautiful, functional, a little sexy and holy hell am I going to be one confident not skinny gal strutting around with that under my skirt! WOOT! I needed it and so I ordered it. 

While it hasn't yet come in I'm so excited about it. I cannot wait to get it, I read all of the reviews, there seem to a few set backs as are expected with beautiful pieces of hosiery. Oh and by the way, that's what garters were considered before they became something that people only considered for the bedroom. They were hosiery because they are a functional piece. 

I'll be sure to update you when my package comes in (I'm expecting it to arrive this weekend) with all of the details and probably a few photos as well! In the mean time please visit and take a browse. Sign up and share your personal link to earn some credits, when your friends make their first purchase that is. 

Of course if you use my link you get $25 credit towards your purchase of $25 or more!

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