Saturday, February 28, 2015

Diversify your fitness with ClassPass

Hold up! HANG ON! SLOW DOWN! I just found something awesome, ClassPass!

It's hard to go to a gym, some of us just don't thrive on that routine. I know, because I used to be a gym goer and while it's great for those who want to set a schedule and commit to a time to go to the gym and work on out, for those of us who need to switch things around we throw away our money on that membership and then spend extra to get some classes in for variety.

Well, ClassPass is a sort of boutique gym membership, you pay a monthly fee (it was $79 when I signed up today) and you have access to unlimited monthly classes at various boutique fitness facilities in your area.

I've reserved my spot in my first two classes next week. I'll be hitting up Ploome and doing a bit of belly dance. How excited am I! If you're already using the site, please add me as a friend!

Also, now I'm going to need all sorts of fun new workout equipment. Any recommendations for yoga mats, grip socks or workout gloves?

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